Berowra Valley National Park

Following the Berowra Creek the Berowra Valley National Park is located on the Hornsby Plateau and is made up of typical Hawkesbury Sandstone. The great North walk, Benowie walking track, and many other great walks stretch spann this park. The area has varied vegetation including many different sorts of Eucalyptus and plenty of native animals, includingl swamp wallibies, water dragons, bandicoots, Lyre Birds, and bush turkeys. There are several campsites within the Park, and Crosslands Reserve is also a popular spot near the middle of the park.

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Safety alerts: Swimming safety in Berowra Valley National Park
Swimming is not advisable in Berowra Creek at certain times as the water may be subject to variable pollution levels and algal blooms. Please refer to the Hornsby Shire Council website before swimming in Berowra Creek. Alternatively you can call the Hornsby Council 24 hour information line on 9847 6666 or the Algal information line on 1800 999 457.
Swimming at Fishponds is not advised at any time due to heavy water pollution.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the NPWS Chatswood area office on 02 8448 0400 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Muogamarra Nature Reserve

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Closed parks: Muogamarra Nature Reserve closed
Muogamarra Nature Reserve is only open to the public for 6 weeks every year, around spring time.
Due to the sensitive nature of the reserve, access is restricted at other times to approved educational and research activities only.
For more information about the reserve, call the NPWS Contact Centre on 1300 072 757 or the NPWS North Western Sydney area office on 02 8448 0400.