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Bushwalking track notes, photographs, maps and more for Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam are found in each of the tabs below
Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam
Time: 8 hrs Walking time
Includes the time for the return leg
Please allow extra time to rest and to explore
0 km SSW of Guthega
Length: 17.4 km Walk Length
As this is a return style walk, the 17.4 km includes the return leg of this walk (ie back to the start)
Kosciuszko National Park
Climb: 1120 m Total Climbing
This walk has a total cumulative climb of 1120 m, this is the total of the elevation gains made in each of the walks uphill sections
There is car access and parking near the start and end of this walk
Style: Return
Route: Hard

This great walk starts at Guthega and explores the area east of Blue Lake. The walk heads to the Illawong Lodge, via the Blue Cow Creek flying fox, and then crosses the famous Snowy River at the suspension bridge. The walk then winds up the long ridge to the top of Little Twynam and down to Blue Lake. From Blue lake there are optional side trips to Headley Tarn and up to the Blue Lake lookout, before returning to Guthega. (open in app)

This walk passes through a remote area and sections have no visible track. At least one person in your group should have training and experience in off track walking and navigation. Even with these notes and a GPS these extra skills and equipment are required.
There are closures in Kosciuszko National Park
Today's Fire rating
LOW MODERATE (No fire ban)
  Bushwalking track notes photographs, maps and camping spots for Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam

Map of Walk


                Sponsor of Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam bushwalking tracknotes
Map of Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam
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Map Scale 5 km
Car park below Guthega Alpine Inn
Int. on Guthega Rd, below 'Toibunga'
Int. of Guthega road servicetrail and Flying fox track
Int. of Flying Fox track and Blue Cow Creek tracks
Blue Cow Creek crossing
Illawong Lodge
Suspension bridge
Pounds Creek flats
Twynam saddle
Little Twynam peak
Int of Blue Lake track and Little Twynam route
Int of Blue Lake track and Little Twynam route
Blue Lake
Starting point for this hiking track: Car park below Guthega Alpine Inn

Base maps are used under licence and is © Department of lands   Panorama Avenue Bathurst 2795   www.lands.nsw.gov.au

Maps that cover the walk area (please always carry maps of the area)

Print a map and track notes here
 Perisher Valley 1:25 000 Map Series NSW-85252S 
 Chimneys Ridge 1:25 000 Map Series NSW-85241N 
 Kosciuszko 1:100 000 Map Series 8525 
 Jacobs River 1:100 000 Map Series 8524 

Photo Gallery

Guthega Alpine Hotel from Guthega Road
Guthega Alpine Hotel from Guthega Road +
Walking along Guthega Rd
Walking along Guthega Rd +
Guthega Rd service trail
Guthega Rd service trail +

Flying fox track near Guthega service trail
Flying fox track near Guthega service trail +
Guthega Pondage, looking along Blue Cow creek arm
Guthega Pondage, looking along Blue Cow creek arm +
the flying fox
the flying fox +

Following the track on the eastern side of the Snowy River
Following the track on the eastern side of the Snowy River +
looking down The Snowy River
looking down The Snowy River +
looking up at the illawong lodge
looking up at the illawong lodge +

Illawong lodge
Illawong lodge +
suspension bridge
suspension bridge +
snowgums +

looking back at Guthega
looking back at Guthega +
following the faint bushtrack
following the faint bushtrack +
Pounds creek flats
Pounds creek flats +

looking up at little twynam
looking up at little twynam +
little twynam pass
little twynam pass +
blue lake creek
blue lake creek +

headley tarn
headley tarn +
blue lake track
blue lake track +
blue lake
blue lake +


Please note: This is a 'return' style walk and therefore these graphs only show the terrain for the first half of the walk (until the turn around point.)

Cross sectional view of the Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam bushwalking track

Cross Section of the Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam bushwalking track

Analysis and summary of the altitude variation on the Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam bushwalking track

Summary of the gradients over the the lenght of the Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam bushwalking track

Overview of this walks Grading - Based on the AS 2156.1 - 2001
These details are new. This new feature still requires more testing and refining. Please use the 'Walker Feedback' for report specific issues. Please e-mail Matt if you have any general comments. Hope you find it helpful.

Under this standard, a walk is graded based on the most difficult section of the walk.
Length 17km
Time 8 hrs

Grade 5/6

Route: Hard
AS 2156.1 Gradient Very steep (4/6)
Quality of track Rough unclear track (5/6)
Signs No directional signs (5/6)
Experience Required Moderate level of bushwalking experience recommended (4/6)
Weather Forecast, unforecast storms and severe weather may impact on navigation and safety (4/6)
Infrastructure No facilities provided (5/6)
*This summary of grading information is new and still in testing

Some more detail of this walks Grading
Here is a bit more details explaining the grading looking at sections of the walk.
6km of this walk has short steep hills and another 1.5km is very steep. Whilst another 560m has gentle hills with occasional steps and the remaining 240m is flat with no steps.

Quality of track
5km of this walk follows a formed track, with some branches and other obstacles and another 2.6km follows a rough unclear track. Whilst another 480m follows a smooth and hardened path and the remaining 220m follows a rough track, where fallen trees and other obstacles are likely.

5km of this walk has directional signs at most intersection and another 2.8km Has no directional signs. The remaining (640m) is clearly signposted.

Experience Required
7km of this walk requires some bushwalking experience and another 1.5km requires a leader a with moderate level of bushwalking experience. The remaining (480m) requires no previous bushwalking experience.

3.1km of this walk is not usually affected by severe weather events (that would unexpectedly impact safety and navigation) and another 2.8km is affected by storms that may impact your navigation and safety. The remaining (2.8km) is affected by forecast, unforecast storms and severe weather events that may impact on navigation and safety.

3.1km of this walk has limited facilities (such as not all cliffs fenced) and another 2.9km is close to useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats). The remaining (2.8km) has no facilities provided.

Track Notes

Since this is a 'return' style walk once you have had enough of the walk, turn around and retrace your steps back to the start.
Drive to Car park below Guthega Alpine Inn
You can drive or ride to this start of this Bushwalk A park entry fee is required for driving into the park.
You can drive or ride to the start of this walk
Use these links to plan your trip to the start of this walk.
Plan your trip from --> Castle Hill|Chatswood|Dural|Epping|Gosford|Hornsby|Katoomba|Manly|Parramatta|Penrith|Strathfield|Sutherland|Sydney|

Covered in snow part of the year Alt = 1597 m
This walk leads through an extreme alpine environment and all walkers must be well prepared. During summer, be prepared for both very hot and cold weather, high winds, rain, snow, extreme UV levels and some sections of snow or ice on the ground. Before starting this walk, check advice with Snowy Region Visitor Information Centre (02) 6450 5600, the weather forecast and the snow conditions then change your plans as needed. These notes, grades and walking times have been written for use in the summer months only. Between May and the end of October, this walk is likely to be covered in snow/ice, visitors should be carrying and be prepared to use snowshoes or cross country skis. When there is a chance of significant snow on the ground, visitors will need particularly strong navigation and snowcraft skills - tracks and signage may not be visible. For most visitors, it is best to consider this walk closed during the colder months.

Guthega Alt = 1660 m
Guthega is a relatively small township, north of Perisher, and comprises mostly of hotel and lodge-style buildings. The most popular service in town is the Guthega Alpine Inn, open year round. The town is remote and access is by an all-weather dirt road. There are great views over the main range and the Guthega Pondage (part of the Snowy River Scheme). Guthega offers a great place to ski in winter, and to holiday in summer. In summer, there is plenty of walking, mountain biking, fishing and relaxing to be done. Walkers please note - there is no public water supply in the township, please fill water bottle before coming (or be willing treat and use the creek water).

Guthega Alpine Inn Alt = 1665 m
Guthega Alpine Inn is on Guthega Road, about 500 metres past the base of the chairlift and 'Guthega Centre'. The hotel provides a year-round service including accommodation and meals. The hosts are friendly and the hotel provides a great base for walkers and other holiday makers. Please phone and book ahead for meals and accommodation. Phone 02 6457 5383
More info

(0 km) Car park below Guthega Alpine Inn to Int. of Guthega road servicetrail and Flying fox track
Track: Moderate - road,servicetrail
Length = 481 m Time = 10 mins
Climb = 6 m Descent = -34 m
From the car park (just below Guthega Alpine Inn, on Guthega Rd, 500m past the Guthega Centre), the walk follows the concrete road down the hill, keeping the main valley to the left. The road passes a small stone building and light post, just before coming to an intersection with another road heading off to the left, below the building named 'Toibunga'.
Turn sharp left: From the intersection, the walk follows the concrete road down the hill towards the dam. After about 100m, the track veers right at another intersection, following the lower track. The concrete track turns to the right, but this walk continues straight, onto the wide dirt management trail (between the small boulders). Soon the trail bends right and comes to an intersection with a bush track.

(0.48 km) Int. of Guthega road servicetrail and Flying fox track to Flying Fox
Track: Moderate - bushtrack
Length = 333 m Time = 9 mins
Climb = 15 m Descent = -44 m
Turn left: From the intersection, the walk heads between the boulders and is fairly flat initially, then, near a snow gum, the track steps down steeply and then winds down the hill to a 'T' intersection above Blue Cow Creek. (There is broken glass along this section of track, left over from Snowy River Scheme Camps).
Veer left: From the intersection, the walk initially steps over a small, eroded gap in the track[1] and then heads upstream alongside Blue Cow Creek, keeping the creek to your right. Before long, the track comes closer to the creek, and reaches a rocky crossing with a bridge[2] and a flying fox[3] over the creek.

Flying Fox Alt = 1598 m
This metal flying fox was put in place to provide a safer option for crossing Blue Cow Creek when the water rises over the rocks. There are many flying foxes in the area to help people cross creeks, especially useful during snow melt when water is cold, deep and fast-moving. In 2010, a metal bridge was installed over this creek, parallel to the flying fox, and the bridge is now the safest way to cross.

(0.81 km) Blue Cow Creek crossing to Illawong Lodge
Track: Moderate - bushtrack
Length = 2.22 km Time = 50 mins
Climb = 129 m Descent = -87 m
Turn right: From the intersection, the walk crosses the creek on the bridge[4] next to the metal flying fox[5]. The walk then follows the bush track on the other side as it climbs to the top of the ridge. From the top of the hill, the track then winds down towards the Snowy River then turns left and generally follows it upstream. Soon the walk crosses a small creek and continues up the other side, undulating through the valley, crossing several more small creeks. The track winds left, away from the Snowy River, to climb the short hill to Illawong Lodge.

Illawong Lodge Alt = 1645 m
In 1956, the year after the Guthega Dam was first filled, the Kosciuszko State Park Trust gave permission for the conversion of the then-dilapidated hut into the present simple lodge.[6] The lodge is maintained by members of Illawong Ski Tourers and friends. The nearby suspension bridge over the Snowy River and the flying fox over Farm Creek were built by members of Illawong. NPWS now maintains the suspension bridge and a new bridge over Farm Creek which has replaced the flying fox. The lodge can be reserved by members of the general public - see illawong.asn.au. There is also a small emergency shelter in the base of the hut, on the western wall, with enough room for a few people to see out a blizzard, with some water, blankets and other emergency supplies. More info

(3.03 km) Illawong Lodge to Suspension bridge
Track: Moderate - bushtrack
Length = 160 m Time = 4 mins
Climb = 0 m Descent = -28 m
Turn right: From the west side of Illawong Lodge (where the emergency shelter is located), the walk heads down towards the creek following the bush track. The track winds through scrub, passing through a grass clearing along the way. The walk soon comes to a cable suspension bridge.

Suspension Bridge Alt = 1614 m
Constructed and maintained by Illawong Ski Tourers[7], and only a stone's throw from Illawong Lodge, this cable suspension bridge provides a safer way to cross the upper Snowy River. This provides the main access between Guthega and the Main Range. The bridge also provides great views of the valley.

(3.19 km) Suspension bridge to Pounds Creek flats
Track: Moderate - undefined
Length = 2.58 km Time = 1 hr 13 mins
Climb = 342 m Descent = 0 m
Continue straight: From the suspension bridge, this walk crosses the Snowy River to the west bank and climbs the hill, tending to the left of the top of the hill, and continuing up through the thick scrub. This section of the walk their is not track please fan out and minimse your impact. The walk winds up the ridge line through some more shallow scrub, passing through a thin tree line. The walk continues around to the left side of the ridge, where it gets much steeper, staying high out of the gully (which is to your left). The walk continues to the top of the ridge where it is much rockier, next to the large flats near the headwaters for Pounds Creek.

Pounds Creek Flats Alt = 1958 m
Located in the far upper reaches of Pounds Creek, this large flat area on the side of the ridge makes a great place to camp. The plateau forms a shallow hanging swamp in the few months after winter, when the snow melts and pools in the area.

This campsite is flat and sheltered from the wind by the mountain. Water supply from the creek is unreliable.

(5.78 km) Pounds Creek flats to Twynam saddle
Route: Hard - openland
Length = 1.07 km Time = 29 mins
Climb = 131 m Descent = 0 m
Veer left: From the flats, this walk heads south-west, following the ridge line that runs up the steep hill. The walk winds up and around the left side of the flats towards Little Twynam, bending around to the right as it approaches the top, then climbing up into the saddle between Little Twynam and Mt Twynam.

(6.85 km) Twynam saddle to Little Twynam peak
Route: Hard - bushtrack
Length = 218 m Time = 7 mins
Climb = 34 m Descent = 0 m
Turn left : From the saddle, the walk heads south-east, up the hill and soon goes through a wide grassy pass between the two large rock outcrops to reach the top of Little Twynam.

(7.07 km) Little Twynam peak to Int of Blue Lake track and Little Twynam route
Route: Hard - undefined
Length = 1.5 km Time = 35 mins
Climb = 6 m Descent = -249 m
Continue straight: From the top of Little Twynam, the walk follows the ridge running south. The walk heads down the ridgeline, keeping Blue Lake to the right, and tends to the left as Hedley Tarn comes into view. The walk then winds down along the ridgeline, keeping the tarn to the right. After a short distance, the ridge and the hill to the right flattens out substantially and the walk turns down the hill, arcing around towards the southern end of Blue Lake. The walk then crosses Blue Lake Creek, just south of Blue Lake, and almost immediately reaches the intersection of the Hedley Tarn and Blue Lake tracks.

(8.57 km) Int of Blue Lake track and Little Twynam route to Hedley Tarn
Optional sidetrip: Track: Moderate - undefined
Length = 870 m Time = 18 mins
Climb = 22 m Descent = -52 m
Turn left : From the intersection, this walk follows the bush track heading south-east, down-stream alongside the creek flowing out of Blue Lake to Hedley Tarn. The walk heads through to the southern end of the shallow gully and around the western side of Hedley Tarn, coming to the southern side.
(Retrace your steps back to the main track, then continue straight to continue along this walk.)

Hedley Tarn Alt = 1844 m
Hedley Tarn is a beautiful glacial lake just south of Blue Lake, from which you can see right across the valley to the end of Kosciuszko Road at Charlotte Pass and is well worth the trip down from Blue Lake.

(8.57 km) Int of Blue Lake track and Little Twynam route to Blue Lake
Track: Moderate - undefined
Length = 154 m Time = 3 mins
Climb = 14 m Descent = -1 m
Veer right: From the intersection, this walk follows the bush track, winding north-west along the trail, following the Blue Lake Creek upstream as it climbs up over the foot of a spur to the south-eastern corner of the Blue Lake.

(8.72 km) Blue Lake to Blue Lake lookout
Optional sidetrip: Track: Moderate - bushtrack
Length = 413 m Time = 8 mins
Climb = 37 m Descent = 0 m
Veer left: From the intersection, this walk follows the bush track winding west, up over the foot of a spur and continuing up and around the left-hand side of Blue Lake, steadily climbing up the ridge until coming to a platform with an information sign and a great view of Blue Lake about halfway up.

Blue Lake Alt = 1914 m
Blue Lake is the best example of a glacial lake in the alpine area. At 28m deep, this lake was formed when glaciers, flowing from the Great Dividing Range, converged and carved out a basin in the rock. This is visible in the cliffs behind the lake, where the glaciers have plucked out blocks of stone and carried them away. There is also a stream that flows from Blue lake, feeding Hedley Tarn just to the south.

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Nearest know Outdoor Stores near the start of this walk
Store Address Phone Distance (straight line)
Paddy Pallin Adventure Centre Thredbo Turnoff, Jindabyne (02) 6456 2922 20.2 km
Wilderness Sports Nuggets Crossing, Jindabyne 1800 654 168 22.5 km
Larry Adler Ski & Outdoor 3 Nuggets Crsng, Jindabyne (02) 6457 2233 22.5 km
Snowy Camping World 106 Sharp St , Cooma (02) 6452 2729 69.6 km
Tumuts Fishing Camping & Outdoor 56 Wynyard St , Tumut (02) 6947 1100 121 km

A list of the nearest UHF CB repeaters I found to Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam.
Channel Call sign
(more info)
Site Distance and dir from Guthega to Blue Lake via Little Twynam
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2 KHN02 Fire Tower MT YOUNGAL 23 km (to the W)
1 1227830 Country Energy/Monaro County Council Site JINDERBOINE HILL 26 km (to the E)
2 1227833 Commsite INGEBIRAH TRIG 30 km (to the SSE)
3 EUC03 Bald Hill via EUCUMBENE 34 km (to the NNE)
3 MTI03 Broadcast/Comms Site Mt Ikes via TUMBARUMBA 66 km (to the NW)

Weather and Park info

Fire Danger
This walk passes Monaro Alpine fire area which currently has a LOW MODERATE rating and No fire ban in place. (Downloaded 22 minutes ago)
Please Note: Each park may have its own fire ban, this rating is only valid for today and is based on information from the RFS Please check the RFS Website for more information.

Weather and Climate
Weather and Climate summary detailed weather and climate information here
Mostly sunny.
Mostly sunny.
2.2°C (feels like -0.1°)
0 km/h from the CALM (gusting 2)
70% humidity     (as at 30/08:30am)
Tue      16°Mostly sunny.
Thu|20°Mostly sunny.
Fri|25°Late rain at times.
A graph displaying the average daily temperature range for the year

Kosciuszko National Park Link to official closures and fire bans page

Region: South Coast & Highlands
Park fees Camping Facilities
Current Park Closure information for Kosciuszko National Park
Closure information last downloaded Monday 30th of March 2015 08:00 AM
Island Bend campground partially closed due to maintenance - Island Bend campground (Ends Sunday 1 November)

Partial closure of Island Bend campground due to maintenance. Camp sites are now available at the lower camp at Island Bend in Kosciuszko National Park. Some sites have been fenced and will remain closed for 6 to 12 months following capping works to ameliorate the asbestos risk and to allow for revegetation. Other sites have been gated or fenced and will remain closed due to ongoing asbestos risks. Please observe all signs and closures. For more information, please contact Andrew Miller at the NPWS Jindabyne Office on 0427 437 391 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page. Download a map of the closed areas.
Munyang Bridge closed (behind power station)
Snowy Hydro have advised that the Munyang Bridge behind the Guthega Power Station at Munyang will be closed to all traffic including pedestrians until further notice. As this bridge gives access to Disappointment Spur, this means that there is no access to Disappointment Spur from the Munyang end. Access is possible from the Whites River end but this requires then turning around and exiting the same way (via Whites River). Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the Project Manager for repairs Mark Kofler from Snowy Hydro on 0418 297255.
Northern Kosciuszko NP Hazard Reduction (Ends Tuesday 31 March)

Some areas of this park are closed due to hazard reduction program unless the closure is otherwise extended or removed. Closed areas are:
  • North of Snowy Mountains Highway from Goobragandra Power Line Road and Brownlys trail
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact NPWS Riverina-Highlands area office on (02) 6947 7000 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.
Strzelecki Creek Headwaters
Closure for campers at the Strzelecki Creek Headwaters close to the Sentinel.  An infestation of Mouse-Ear Hawkweed (Pilosella officinarum) has been detected in the headwaters of Strzelecki Creek.  National Parks and Wildlife Service are actively treating this weed as well as searching for other infestation in the area. The closed area is marked with signage, posts and fencing. We apologise for this inconvenience, and we are doing all we can to ensure this weed does not become established in this beautiful area. Penalties apply for non-compliance . For more information, please contact Area Manager, Alpine-Queanbeyan , Anthony Evans on anthony.evans@environment.nsw.gov.au or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.
Tantangara Causeway Closure - Currango Homestead
Access to Currango Homestead from Port Phillip Fire Trail is currently closed due to high water level across Tantangara Causeway.  For further information relating to the status of this closure please contact Tumut Region Visitors Centre on (02) 6947 7025. Access to Currango Homestead is via Tantangara Road off the Snowy Mountains Highway.
Hazard reduction burn (Ends Monday 30 March)

A number of hazard reduction burns are planned to commence on Saturday, 28 March 2015 and Sunday, 29 March 2015, on the Eastern edge of Kosciuszko National Park in Bombala Local Government Area (Corrowong Area). The burns to be conducted are Merambego Creek, McGuigans Gap and Corrowong Creek Hazard Reductions. No park or road closures will be in place however neighbours and park visitors are likely to see smoke in the vicinity.

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